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Wayne Twist's Race Bred Cordia Turbo

Information and images provided by Wayne Twist


This rare sight is a 1985 AB Cordia Turbo built for the race track. The car currently runs a 4G63 2.0 DOHC motor, TD05 turbo with a 38mm restrictor (required by category regulations) at 19psi of boost and a truck intercooler which is all managed by a Microtech engine management system. The car is currently making credible 165kws at the wheels.

Engine power is channelled through the standard gearbox with a locked diff. Braking power comes courtesy of Mitsubishi Galant VR4 twin piston front brakes and rear Magna discs. The front suspension is made up of coil over struts, 400lb springs, Koni adjustable shocks and Kmac camber/castor adjustment. The rear comprises of Koni adjustable shocks, adjustable sway bar and lowered springs.

The car has also performed quite well in track meetings with four top ten finishes with one forth outright placing. The race results can be seen in the table below.


Race Results

Race Category

Improved Production


Late Model

Race Meetings

Victorian State Championships

Results (2001)

Four top ten finishes including one fourth outright

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