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Cordia GSR Turbo Handing Characteristics

The Cordia Turbo is quite a competent handler considering its low price and target market of the time. Some would say that the Cordia Turbos handling qualities exceeded that of its competitors in the early to mid 1980s where the 'hot hatch' faze began. In standard trim the Cordia Turbo came with sports MacPherson front struts, a beam rear axle, high-rate coil springs and hydraulic dampers front and rear. The Cordia Turbo also received larger and heavier sway bars front and rear than the naturally aspirated Cordia GSL.


Braking is satisfactory with front vented discs and rear drums although when pushed hard a few times the braking feel will deteriorate dramatically. However, the AC's larger discs greatly improved the Cordia Turbos stopping abilities. The AA and AB Cordias came factory with 13 inch alloy wheels with 185/60 series tyres. The unleaded AC model received polished 14 inch alloys. Even though the stocky rims are small they are a real improvement over the steel wheels on the GSL Cordia. With a set of good grippy road tyres and a good suspension setup the Cordia Turbo could be an decent handler. In stock trim, the handling and braking of the Cordia Turbo is a little insufficient in comparison to its performance.


Although the Cordia is a front wheel driven car, its handling can match that of a properly set up rear wheel drive car with the correct suspension setup. With the Cordia Turbos amount of power and light weight, torque steer is very apparent when pushed hard. This can be especially noticed when modifications are done to increase performance. To reduce the negative effects of torque steer the front and rear suspension needs to be tied down well with a good set of lowered sports springs and shocks. The car handles quite well when lowered about 2 to 2.5 inches. Any more and complications come into play that affect the general ride and long levity of the car on normal roads.


Images courtesy of AutoSpeed


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