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Cordia GSR Turbo Performance Modifications

The Mitsubishi Cordia Turbo is quite a capable car in stock trim but with minor modifications the Cordia Turbo can be a real traffic light frightener. The most common performance modifications preformed to a Cordia Turbo is an exhaust system upgrade, air filter upgrade and an increase in boost.


All stock Cordia Turbos can benefit from a little more boost but firstly a larger exhaust system needs to be fitted to ensure smooth power delivery throughout the rev range after boost is increased. Any straight through exhaust system equal to or larger than 2 1/4 inch is necessary. The muffler must be a straight through type or else the benefit of the larger exhaust pipe will be minimal. For the AC model, a high flow catalytic converter needs to be fitted, preferably of the same size as the exhaust pipe. Then boost can be safely increased to about 10 psi. The cost of a full 2 1/4 inch exhaust system should set you back about $350AUD to $450AUD plus the catalytic converter if necessary. Any reputable turbo specialist can increase boost with the installation of a bleed valve for the cost of about $120AUD.


Once these modifications are done, power for the AC model should increase from about 61kw to 76-86kw at the wheels with the exhaust and 10psi boost. The AA and AB models should increase from about 66kw to 83-93kw at the wheels. Also bear in mind that dynos can differ greatly from place to place and are not a good source for comparing cars. The main difference between the models is mainly due to the catalytic converter, lower octane unleaded fuel and smaller turbo on the AC model.


If power is still not enough for you an intercooler needs to be installed. In some cases the air conditioning system needs to be removed so the intercooler and piping can be easily mounted forward of the air conditioning condenser at the front of the car although this may only apply to larger intercoolers. A brand new custom intercooler setup will cost about $1200AUD to $3000AUD depending on size so the best option is to go for a second hand one. The Nissan 200SX, RX7 or Toyota Supra intercoolers are usually good options as they fit quite well without too much hassle. Depending on the experience of the fitter it should cost you around $500AUD to $1000AUD for both the mounting and piping.


After the installation of the intercooler, boost can then be safely increased to about 14 or 15psi. Boost can be increased further but the injectors and fuel pump need to be replaced and some engine components may also need upgrading. If you are planning on going this far the most cost effective option would be to go for the Mitsubishi VR4 4G63BT 1997cc DOHC 4-cyl turbo motor. This will give you an instant 148kw (Australian Spec) at the flywheel plus the extra torque of the 2 litre motor. The cost of the engine and fitting will cost you about $3500AUD to $4500AUD. With a good exhaust, intercooler, blow off valve and increase in boost 200kw to 220kw is easily achievable at the flywheel. All this for around $5500AUD. The Cordia Turbo will then become a real beast. You could even possibly blow away Lancer GSRs and WRXs. Not bad for a mid 1980s car.


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