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Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII GSR

This entire article comes courtesy of Car Fellas of Singapore.


True to Darwin's theory, the Mitsubishi Evolution series has gone from strength to strength over almost a decade of race-proven development. From the 1992 Evolution I to its previous sixth incarnation, the Evolution has helped Mitsubishi clinch the 1998 Manufacturer's Championship and has propelled Tommi Makinen to four consecutive Driver Championships from 1996 to 1999.

The Evolution's rally dominance was further proven with a first place win in the recent 2001 Monte Carlo Rallye as well as by taking first, sixth and eighth positions in the 2000 Singapore Falken Rally.

The Evolution VII's lines have matured handsomely and the blistered front and rear fenders add to its aggressive and purposeful stance.

Accompanying the all-new styling cues are a longer wheelbase, wider track and fatter 235/45ZR17 tyres. Body rigidity has also been increased by 50%.

Maximum torque has been boosted to 383 Nm at 3,500 rpm and remains above 350 Nm between 2,750 and 5,500 rpm while maximum power output remains as 206 kW (276 bhp) at 6,250 rpm.

The Evolution VII features an all-new Active Centre Differential (ACD) which uses an electronically controlled variable multi-plate clutch. This system boasts a differential limiting capacity 3 times greater than the previous viscous coupling-based mechanism and can be manually set to Tarmac, Gravel or Snow mode.


Engine Specifications

Engine Type 4G63 Turbo
Capacity (cc) 1997
Cylinders 4 in-line
Valves 16 DOHC
Maximum Power (bhp/rpm) 276 / 6,500
Maximum Torque (Nm/rpm) 383 / 3,500
Transmission Type 5-speed manual
Drive Mode Full-time 4WD
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