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Cordia Image Gallery - Mark's Cordia Turbo

Cordia 26




Mark from Auckland, NZ owns this very nice looking Cordia Turbo. Current mods include a full respray with custom red paint (mixed by Mark himself), a mild cam, oversize pistons and rings, lightened flywheel, brass button clutch, Galant VR4 TD05 turbo at 8ps, intercooler, lowered King springs, Monroe shocks, 16 inch wheels, two Jamex sports seats, retrimmed rear seats, Momo wheel and gear knob, new carpet, Sony deck, 4" front and 6" rear splits, power amp and two 12" Lanzer subs. Marks future plans include fitting the DOHC 4G63 motor and turning up the boost to 12-15psi. Most of the work you see was done by Mark. The intercooler piping was made up Jess from Boosted Performance in Auckland.

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